14-DAY Blood Pressure Reset 

High Blood pressure is an issue that effects 103 million Americans. The modern medicine approach to high blood pressure is a pill first money making system that isn't designed to help the individual understand the root cause and get the health care that they need to get healthy and start feeling better. This breakthrough learning package will set you on track for successful blood pressure management.

What to Expect??

The Blood Pressure Reset Course is a step by step approach to understanding what your blood pressure functions are in the body, what causes it to become elevated and what you can do to control it without medication. This course will guide you to incorporating lifestyle changes to help you lower and control your blood pressure.

Bonus: Upon completion of the course ONE participant will receive 2-months free access to the Plant-Based Lovin subscription site which includes access to the vegan skillet recipe book to help them continue on their health and wellness journey. Must complete journey for entry.

Course Outline


-Course Instructions

Hypertension Understanding

-Blood Pressure Basics

-Types of Blood Pressure

-How Hypertension harms health

Lifestyle Changes

-Analyzing Your Diet

-Managing Your Weight

-Stress Less

Positive Steps to Change

-Creating Healthy  habits 

Course includes:

Wellness Resources

Facebook Accountability group access

Comprehensive Guides

Nutrition Crash Course

Active Body Weight Routine

What Our Clients Say


Nate,  Miami,Florida

Kellen! Man, I don’t know when the last time I seen these numbers that low! The doctor today was like, “what happened?, your levels are great!” Its crazy. I was just sitting here researching and its many just walking around like its normal to have all this stuff going on. I gotta tell you though. I can’t let people like you get away. We gotta meet up and just chat! Also, bro if you want/need me to do anything. Like on your live or if you need me to write a testimony or anything, bro holla at me. I’ve tried many things, and what you suggested worked. From sept 1 to now 60lbs down and now folks are asking me about how to get there. Wanna workout with me and just be around me. Its crazy.