Fasting For Healing

Learn how to apply the natural function of fasting to heal your body from chronic issues and prevent disease from manifesting in the body.

The power to reverse chronic issue like hypertension, diabetes and many other chronic issues lies within "YOUR BODY".

 The Fasting For Healing Course will help you understand how to regain control of your health through the "Natural" functions of the body. It will help you get your body back to a healthy state and free you from fatigue, pain and the medical circus of pharmaceutical drugs.



Fasting has been around since the beginning of time and it is the body's natural way of healing and repairing itself when we fall ill. The body is an amazing organism that develops from a small sperm and ovum and grows into a full formed living human being.


The body is wise and intelligent beyond human understanding. It build in fasting as a means of recovery when the body becomes intoxicated. Use your built in functions and restore your health no matter what issues you have been plagued with.


Fasting has been proven to provide relief and even eradicated most diseases. There is no disease that does not get better when you give the body the MENTAL , PHYSICAL , AND PHYSIOLOGICAL REST IT DESPERATLY NEEDS.

- Obesity
- Fibroids
- Autoimmune issues
- Hypertension
- Type 2 Diabetes


- Lymphoma
- Cancers
- Tumors
- Anemia and countless other chronic and acute issues all benefit from fasting.




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You are looking to regain control of your health and eliminate

pharmaceutical drugs from your life.

You are serious about your health and believe

that prevention is the best cure.

You are open to understanding that in order to eliminate disease

you must get to the root of its cause.

You are ready to invest time in your health to restore your body to

regain its youthful vigor.

You are sick of doctors telling you that there is nothing wrong even

though your body is telling you something else.

Who IS THIS not FOR?

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You are not ready to take responsibility for your lifestyle and actions.

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You blame you illness on genetics.

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You are not willing to give up the things that have caused you to become sick.

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You don't respect the natural wisdom of the body and don't believe that the body is more than capable of healing itself if you were to get out of its way.

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You trust a pharmaceutical industry that makes billions of dollars off of sick people to come up with a cure to solve your problem.

About Kellen

Kellen Gaulden began his journey of studying health when his own body begin to fail him and he realized the medical professional only could offer him drugs as treatment. He knew that drugs would not get to the root of the problem because of his life experiences seeing his grandmother and other family members taking multiple prescriptions over the course of many years.

He has the advantage of not being brainwashed through a structured medical system that is designed to keep people uninformed of the causes of their condition and helping them HEAL. By taking a self guided approach through understanding the human body, Kellen was able to heal himself of chronic issues and understand how our lifestyle directly impacts the quality of our health. 

Through his studies he was able to unlock the natural God given healing powers stored inside of each and everyone of us which is FASTING. He adjusted his practice from a physical apothecary to a virtual education community to help people understand that they do not have to suffer with chronic diseases. His goal is to help educate people about their lifestyle so that they can connect the dots and correlate their habits with how they feel. With this understanding people will be able to make better decision regarding their health and move forward in creating a healthy life for themselves.



Is it worth taking the fasting course if I am not suffering from any current conditions?

Yes. Understanding fasting will allow you to use fasting to protect your body from not only chronic disease but acute diseases also. Fasting should not only be applied when someone is morbidly ill but can be used when an acute illness occurs and the body needs rest to rapidly heal itself.

How does the course work?

The fasting course and its support is designed to help you understand the in's and out's of fasting and how to apply it to self healing. The course walks  you through knowing when to fast, what to expect when fasting, how to deal with any issues during fasting, how to break your fast and so much.

Can fasting help me loose weight?

Yes, fasting can help you loose weight but there is a great misconception that after you fast you will only gain the weight right back. Well this is only half true. When you fast you will loose the weight but it is important to make the dietary and lifestyle adjustments after a fast to prevent from the weight from return along with any chronic issue that was present.

It will be useless to do a fast only to return to the same diet and lifestyle that caused you to gain weight and develop your chronic condition.

Where did you study to get your information about fasting?

I gained my knowledge of fasting through the studies of life science and human biology. Almost all animals on the planet have a build in fasting mechanism that the retreat to in the time of injury and/or sickness. Us as people have become reliant on the pharmaceutical industry for health and wellness when we should be looking inwards at out bodies for the answer.

Our development begins with a sperm cell and ovum and we grow to fully functioning adults. Do you believe that through this growth and development process your body wouldn't provide you with a way to heal yourself if you were to be injured or sick?  I highly doubt it. Fasting is this healing process and we all have it.

Take responsibility for your health and heal yourself using fasting and changing your lifestyle